Mindfulness Meditation Hub

Calm The Mind &
Develop Insightful Wisdom


Mindfulness Meditation Hub offers courses, classes and sessions to learn and practice how to calm our mind and develop insightful wisdom through the development of meditative concentration and mindfulness.

Mindfulness of Breathing is the primary technique taught and practiced at the hub to help us develop our meditative concentration and mindfulness.

The additional techniques of Metta (Loving Kindness) & Compassion, Walking & Noting are also taught and practiced to help support our Mindfulness of Breathing.

Alternative Sessions

Additional alternative sessions are also offered to provide alternate meditation & mindfulness practices.

They can be located on the Alternate Sessions page.

Meditation Room

We offer a peaceful meditation room on Hampden Rd in Nedlands where all courses, classes and sessions are run.

The meditation room provides a strong supportive space for our personal and collective meditations.

Sessions & Bookings

All sessions at Mindfulness Meditation Hub operate on a Pay What Your Heart Feels basis.

Booking is required for the 4 Week Learn courses.

There is no booking required for Guided classes, Meditation Group sessions or Alternate sessions, simply turn up and join a class or session.

We look forward to meditating with you!