Practical Mindfulness

1 hr class per week

A guided meditation and discussion on how we can benefit from mindfulness and be more mindful throughout the day.
Suited to anyone with an interest in Mindfulness.
Particularly those who have completed one of Nigel's Meditation or Mindfulness courses and wish to reinforce their practice.
Session Times :
Saturday - 10:30am (1 hr)

Dates when Practical Mindfulness sessions are NOT running :

Session Details

The aim of this workshop-style session is to enhance our awareness, presence, letting go, setting intent and leveraging our meditation practices and skills.

It consists of a guided meditation and discussion on how we can benefit from mindfulness and be more mindful throughout the day.

The intent is for participants to share practices and challenges, and to learn from the experiences of the group.


Nigel Jones

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Nigel Jones

Nigel is an advocate for the benefits of mindfulness in improving our well-being and life satisfaction.

He has trained in a range of meditation practices including Transcendental Meditation in the early 1980’s and in the 1990’s the Silva Method, which uses meditation, visualisation and guided imagery to help access and achieve our true potential.

10 years ago he joined Perth’s Living Philosophy School where he re-discovered the benefits of meditation, encountered mindfulness and spent a number of years facilitating courses in meditation, mindfulness and spirituality.

Nigel is the Chair of the not-for-profit that runs our Hub and his courses and guided meditation sessions incorporate ancient wisdom, modern science, and positive psychology.

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Class Details

When :Saturday - 10:30am (1 hr)
Location :Mindfulness Meditation Hub, First Floor, 443 Vincent St West, West Leederville (Google Map)
Class Fee :We operate on a Pay From Your Heart basis.
We recommend a minimum $10 per person per class.
Paying more than this helps cover those that cannot afford the suggested amount.
Booking :No booking required, simply turn up and join a class.
Contact us if you have questions or if you prefer to let us know that you will be attending a mindfulness class.
What to bring :Mats, cushions & blankets are provided.
Chairs & stools are available for those unable to sit on the floor.

3 Hours of Mindfulness

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Unified Mindfulness

8 Week Course - Sat, 18th May 2019 - 9:30am

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