Relaxation Pleasure
Unified Mindfulness Perth

1.25 hr classes per week

Learn relaxation skills from the Unified Mindfulness system of practice, helping you experience the pleasure of relaxation.

Suited to :

  • New & beginner meditators.
  • And meditators looking to refresh their practice.

Class Times :

Wednesday – 6pm (1.25 hr)

Saturday – 9:30am (1.25 hr)

This class runs both in-person at our hub & online.
In-person : simply turn up and join the class.
Online : please book via the Live Session Calendar.

Dates when Relaxation Pleasure classes are NOT running :

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Perth Mindfulness Meditation Courses

Relaxation Pleasure
Unified Mindfulness Perth

1.25 hr classes per week

These classes are designed to teach you relaxation skills using the Unified Mindfulness system of practice. Teaching you how to experience the pleasure of relaxation.

Each class presents varied relaxation techniques and evolving content.

A unique relaxation skill is taught each week in an extended guided meditation format, helping you to learn through practical experience.

There is time at the end of each class for sharing and questions, and additional resources are available outside of sessions to support you with continuing practice.

Through regular and consistent practice of the Unified Mindfulness approach, we may experience an untangling of our sensory perceptions whilst living.

This can, with practice, lead to greater :

  • Sensory clarity – the ability to track and explore our senses in real time making joyful experiences more vivid and difficult experiences less overwhelming.
  • Concentration Power – the ability to focus on what we choose at any time we choose, for as long as we choose (selective attention).
  • Mental Poise – the ability to allow our sensory experience to come and go, without push and pull leading to increased joy and less overwhelm and ongoing maturing of our spiritual nature.
  • Tranquility – caused by a reduction in compulsive behaviours associated with lack of concentration, lack of sensory clarity and lack of equanimity in daily life.
  • Resilience – due to increased equanimity in facing the ups and downs of living.



Bernadette McEntee-Hart’s personal practice and teaching is based on the Unified Mindfulness system developed by Shinzen Young.

She practices to deepen her sense of connection to sensory experience which enables her to think clearly and respond mindfully to all the situations in her life.

Through daily practice, study and coaching in the system of Unified Mindfulness, Bernadette has noticed accelerated benefits for her health and wellbeing. She regularly participates in meditation retreats, home retreats included.

Bernadette also reads and practices outside the Unified Mindfulness system in studies of consciousness. This gives her practice breadth and provides her insight into her own life and the potential practices and experiences of her students.

Unified Mindfulness Class Details

Location :First Floor, 443 Vincent St West, West Leederville
Class Fee :We operate on a Pay From Your Heart basis.
We recommend a minimum $10 per person per class.
Paying more than this helps cover those that cannot afford the suggested amount.
How To Book :In-person : No booking is required to attend in-person at our hub, simply turn up and join the class.
Online : Book via the Live Session Calendar to attend online.
Contact us if you have questions or if you prefer to let us know that you will be attending.
What to bring :Yourself, friends, family, partners, work colleagues – all are welcome!
Comfortable clothing is recommended to assist you in relaxing.
Mats, cushions & blankets are provided. You are also welcome to bring your own meditation props should you prefer.
Chairs & stools are available for those unable to sit on the floor.

Mindfulness In Daily Life

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