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30 min session per week

Learn to use your voice and create basic sounds to help express various aspects of yourself.
Suited to all levels of experience, especially those wishing to build self-confidence.
Class Times :
Tuesdays - 6pm (30 min)
Dates when Vocal Sounding classes are NOT running :

Class Details & Schedule
Session Details

As a group you will learn to use your voice and create basic sounds to help express various aspects of yourself. Basics sounds may include Om, Hum & Laughing.

Through Vocal Sounding you can learn to build self-confidence. Which can help you learn to let go of the need to sound perfect. And the need to judge how yourself and others sound.

There are enormous benefits to physical, mental and spiritual health.

The 15 min Vocal Sounding might follow with a short silent or mantra meditation.

These Vocal Sounding sessions are run by Tiah.

Class Details

When :Tuesdays - 6pm (30 min)
Dates when sessions are NOT running :
Location :Mindfulness Meditation Hub, First Floor, 443 Vincent St West, West Leederville (Google Map)
Class Fee :We operate on a Pay From Your Heart basis.
Suggested Payment : $10 per person per class.
Paying more than this helps cover those that cannot afford the suggested amount.
Booking :No booking required, simply turn up and join a class.
Contact us if you have questions or if you prefer to let us know that you will be attending a mindfulness class.
What to bring :Yourself, friends, family, partners, work colleagues – all are welcome!
Comfortable clothing is recommended to assist you in relaxing.
Mats, cushions & blankets are provided. You are also welcome to bring your own meditation props should you prefer.
Chairs & stools are available for those unable to sit on the floor.

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Unified Mindfulness

8 Week Course - Sat, 18th May 2019 - 9:30am

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