Our Hub closes on Friday 18th December. Please find below all newsletter communications to our community about our closure.

Wednesday, 11th November 2020


This is Nick, the founder of Mindfulness Meditation Hub.

I am writing to let you know that on Friday 18th December our Hub will be permanently closing.

The past 4 years of running our Hub has been a rewarding journey. Many have volunteered their time to offer content to the community and help our Hub operate, and many thousands have attended sessions at our Hub over this time. I trust that like me, for you it has been a beautiful and insightful experience to be part of.

As we develop our practice we realise and accept that nothing in life is permanent, our perspectives and circumstances evolve, change and emerge over time.

Even though our Hub is closing on the 18th December, it’s essence will continue. A number of our facilitators will continue offering classes, courses and events either online or at other locations around Perth. These details will be added to our website closer to 18th December.

In the meantime I highly recommend making the most of your time at our Hub. Come in, attend a session, or have tea with us whilst we are still open. All current classes, courses & events will continue to run as scheduled up until 18th December. Please refer to our Live Class Timetable here for details.

I have been reflecting on the experiences, benefits and joy that I have received from my involvement in our Hub and I hope that you find some time over the next few weeks to do the same, and you are welcome to record your thoughts and gratitude on the Gratitude Board we have created on our website.

So why close?
I started our Hub back in 2016 and I have volunteered more than full-time hours to run our Hub since then, of late mostly behind the scenes. It became clear to me 2 years ago that full-time volunteering to run our Hub was not sustainable over time. A small group of us have since spent that time reviewing various strategies to continue our Hub for the community well into the future, however none of those options have come to fruition, nor have they felt like the right way to continue our Hub moving forward.

It hasn’t been easy to decide to close our Hub however it feels like the right decision. Everything in life comes and goes, and our Hub and related experiences also follow this same pattern of nature. What has the potential to remain stable is your regular practice. As you maintain your practice through the natural cycles of life, you may develop the stability, strength and capacity to ride waves of change.

What are you grateful for?
I am often reminded of the importance during times of change to remind myself of the things that I am thankful and grateful for. If you wish to do the same and participate in this process together, a Gratitude Board has been added onto our website for you to post anything about our Hub, volunteers and community that you are thankful or grateful for.

Over the next few weeks, weekly updates will be sent out to you to help you transition with us through this period up until we close.

Thank you for being part of MMH and we look forward to continuing to see you at our Hub up until the 18th December.

Kindly, Nick.
Director / Founder

Mindfulness Meditation Hub

Thursday, 19th November 2020


How our hub started!

In September 2016, MMH opened its doors in Nedlands.  The intention was to create a space to explore mindfulness meditation and share that with others, but more importantly to learn from others in the process.

Service to the community was an important aspect of MMH.  From the start the organisation has been fully volunteer-run and operating on a Pay From Your Heart basis to cover running expenses.

For the first few months only silent meditations were offered.  Attendance was low and it became clear that more people would benefit from learning via courses and guided meditation classes.  So this revised offering started at the beginning of 2017 and from that point MMH really took off and many people started to attend.  A single volunteer ran the entire space and all these sessions.

Welcoming additional volunteers

Around this time a fork in the road was reached, the organisation either continued to solely offer Buddhist inspired mindfulness meditation, or became more of a hub and welcomed other mindfulness, meditation & self development practices.

The latter was chosen and in March 2017 the first 3 facilitator volunteers were welcomed to start running their own sessions and courses at our hub.

Each subsequent month brought a new facilitator offering their practices and insights with the community.

Moving to West Leederville

By 2018 we had reached capacity in Nedlands and the hub felt like it wanted to grow further, so in September 2018 we moved into our current premises in West Leederville providing us our larger meditation space, reception area and library.

In the past 2 years in West Leederville we have continued to grow, offering more sessions and courses, to many more participants, and a larger number of volunteers have come onboard to support the community and organisation.

And this is how our hub came to be the hub that it is today.

Thanks & Gratitude

So many volunteers have contributed to our hub over the past 4 years, and many many more people have attended our hub.  So many great experiences and learning has been shared.

We have added a Thanks & Gratitude board onto our website for people share their thoughts, and their thanks and gratitude for the hub.

So far 60 people have posted onto this board.

You may like to read through some of those comments, and you may also like to post comments and share in this process together with us.

We will continue to send out weekly information in the leadup to our closure on the 18th Dec.

Friday, 26th November 2020

Navigating Change

With our hub’s closure fast approaching it seems pertinent to share some tips to better navigate change.

Change often marks an end of cycle or pattern, a shift in a way of being or operating, a finishing or even a completion.

Change often marks the beginning of a cycle or pattern, and presents countless opportunities for growth and expansion beyond our current capabilities, and perhaps imagination.

“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”  ~ Jimmy Dean

To start working with change, it might be useful to better understand how you relate with change: 

  • Is change usually easy/difficult for you ?
  • Do you accept/resist change?
  • Do you feel safe enough to trust where it may lead you?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by change, or excited about the expansiveness and all of the new experiences, opportunities and learning that could potentially ensue as a result of change?

As we become more aware of how we relate with change we may like to start incorporating practices to work with and ‘adjust our sails’:

  • Mindfulness - helps us be aware of what is actually changing/occurring within a given moment.
  • Meditation - helps us maintain stable attention in the midst of the change that we are aware of.
  • Acceptance - helps us be ok with what we notice about change and ok with how we feel about change.

“Change is the only constant in life.” ~ Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Inspiration for Change

If you're having trouble navigating change, below is an inspirational story by Swami Chidanand Saraswati. We hope it inspires you to work your way through change and fly. 

"There was once a man who noticed a woven cocoon on a tree outside his home. He carefully watched the cocoon every day in order to catch the first glimpse of the beautiful butterfly. Finally, one day he saw a tiny hole in the cocoon. He sat watching the butterfly break her way out of the cocoon. However, suddenly he noticed that it seemed the butterfly had stopped making progress. The hole did not get any larger and the butterfly seemed to be stuck. 

The man watched in dismay as it seemed his butterfly would not be able to emerge. Finally, he went inside, took a small pair of scissors, and carefully cut the cocoon, allowing the butterfly to emerge easily. However, the butterfly immediately dropped to the ground instead of soaring gracefully into the sky as he imagined she would.

The man noticed that the butterfly’s stomach was swollen and distended but her wings were small and shrivelled, explaining her inability to fly. He assumed that after some time, the stomach would shrink and the wings would expand, and she would fly in her fullest glory. However, this was never to be.

The man didn’t know that it was the very act of forcing her body through the tiny hole in the cocoon which would push all the fluid from her stomach into her wings. Without that external pressure, the stomach would always be swollen and the wings would always be shrivelled.

In life, too frequently, we avoid the challenges, looking for the easy way out. We look for people who will “cut our cocoons,” so that we never have to work and push our way through anything.

The obstacles in our path are God’s way of making us able to fly. So frequently, people come to me and say, “Oh, why has God given me so much strife?” We must realize these are not punishments. Even an extra small hole to squeeze through is actually an opportunity for our wings to expand to great lengths..." ~ Swami Chidanand Saraswati