An Evening with Master Behram Ghista (India)

A talk on awareness, spirituality, and the golden opportunity within ourselves.
Suited to all levels of experience.
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Mon, 9th Sep 2019 - 7pm to 9pm
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Event Description

A talk offered by Master Behram Ghista for our community.

The Golden Opportunity You are Seeking, is in Yourself

True brilliance is not just in understanding the world and placing ourselves in harmony with it. True brilliance is understanding that our assessment of our experiences is what creates our world – and when we change for the better, so does our world.

And so, the only way forward is by going inward to remove the toxins in our mind while nurturing and bringing forth the immaculate love and clarity we are born with. For only then can we raise our frequencies to optimal levels and anchor ourselves in quality experiences. In short, we must become great on the inside to experience greatness on the outside. We can never rise higher than the kind of person we have chosen to be.

We are not oppressed or restricted by people and circumstances – our restrictions are self-born. But even so, we are free to choose, free to become great by choice by living in tune with what is finest in us. After all, the golden opportunity we are all seeking is in ourselves.

Facilitator - Master Behram Ghista (India)

Behram Ghista, born in 1955, in Mumbai, India, has been studying and practicing the Buddhist way of life since 1980. To taste the true flavor of the teachings, he trained under various Masters in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Japan.

In 1989, Behram was authorised to teach the Dharma by his teacher, Lama Zopa Rinpoche the spiritual Director of The Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT).

Since 1989 Behram has been conducting talks, workshops and retreats in India and abroad, as an accomplished yoga and meditation teacher.

He has chosen to dedicate his life to inspire people globally to know their spiritual heritage, because of his passion to share with others the richness this awareness has created in his own life. With over 28 years of experience behind him, Master B continues to make a profound difference in many people’s lives, in India and abroad.

Event Details

Location :Mindfulness Meditation Hub, First Floor, 443 Vincent St West, West Leederville (Google Map)
Event Fee :Pay What Your Heart Feels
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What to bring :Comfortable clothing is recommended.
Meditation cushions & chairs are provided.
Tea & water will be provided.

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  • Mon, 9th Sep 2019

    7pm to 9pm

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An Evening with Master Behram Ghista

Event - Mon, 9th Sep 2019 - 7pm to 9pm

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