Sound Meditation Perth

1 hr event

Join Michael for a guided meditation and sound journey that promotes deep feelings of calmness.
All are welcome, with or without meditation experience.
Event Date :
Sun, 11th Oct 2020 - 6pm to 7pm
Sun, 13th Dec 2020 - 6pm to 7pm
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This event will involve a guided meditation and sound journey that promotes deep feelings of calmness.

The meditation will focus on the awareness that emerges from the withdrawal of senses and the appreciation of breath.

You will experience relaxation, concentration and letting go into meditation.

It will include the sounds of didgeridoo/Yidaki, Tibetan bowl, rain stick and Koshi chimes.


Michael Hara

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Michael Hara


Michael Hara is an experienced counsellor, educator and meditation teacher. He has travelled extensively including transformative experiences with yogic practice in India and Bali that he has continued through his life.

Living and working in Aboriginal communities gave him a deep appreciation and respect for an ancient culture that includes use of language and the respectful use of the Didgeridoo; traditionally called the Yidaki. These experiences have served to provide much reflection on the nature of existence and consciousness.

He lives simply near the ocean with a holistic approach of well-being and love to nourish the body, mind and spirit. He makes his offering through Mindfulness and sound immersion to allow people to bring a grounding and resonating experience into their everyday lives.

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Location :Mindfulness Meditation Hub, First Floor, 443 Vincent St West, West Leederville (Google Map)
Event Fee :We operate on a Pay From Your Heart basis.
We recommend a minimum $10 per person.
Paying more than this helps cover those that cannot afford the suggested amount.
Booking :Click on your preferred event date below.
Or Contact us to book.
What to bring :Comfortable clothing is recommended to assist you in relaxing.
Mats, cushions & blankets are provided. You are also welcome to bring your own meditation props should you prefer.
Chairs & stools are available for those unable to sit on the floor.

Event Dates & Booking

  • Sun, 11th Oct 2020

    6pm to 7pm

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  • Sun, 13th Dec 2020

    6pm to 7pm

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