Zen Meditation Retreat Perth

1 Day

A retreat day including plenty of silence, talks on Zen & contemplative practice, multiple silent 20-minute breath meditation sits, multiple 3-minute walking meditations, and an opportunity for Q&A.
Suited to all levels of experience, from beginners to those with an established practice and understanding.
Upcoming Zen Meditation Retreat Dates :
Sat, 21st Sep 2019 - 9:30am to 3pm
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Zen Meditation Practice

Zazen (sitting meditation) is the practice of stilling the mind through wholehearted attentiveness to the breath.

This steady attentiveness, coupled with the stillness of the body, frees the mind from its ordinary activities of thinking, and daydreaming.

Zen takes discipline and effort. The support of group sitting is a strong encouragement to practice.

Sitting silently with others offers energy, encouragement, enthusiasm, support and the possibility of friendship.

The Benefits of Practicing Zen

When practiced attentively, Zen offers an ever-deepening insight into the oneness of life.

This insight reveals to us our own human potential, challenging us to use this potential in the service of others.

It’s an insight that anchors us in the present moment, clarifying and supporting our readiness to meet the ever-changing circumstances of daily life.

Zen meditation is not a religion but a practice. It gives us a method to put contemplation into action.

It disposes us to not analyse or theorise about spirituality or life. Instead Zen plunges us into the midst of contemplation in which we attune to the reality of the present moment.

Retreat Facilitator

Meath Conlan’s main focus of teaching is based on the teachings of independent Zen Master Ama Samy within the spiritual community known as Bodhi Sangha.

Meath has been engaged in contemplative and meditation practices in Christian and Buddhist traditions since the 1970’s.

Meath Conlan
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Zen Meditation Retreat Perth – Session Details

Location : A Place To Just Be, 4A Preston Point Rd., East Fremantle(Google Map)
Retreat Fee :Pay What Your Heart Feels
Booking :Click on your preferred retreat date below.
Or Contact us to book.
What to bring :Comfortable clothing is recommended to assist you in relaxing.
Meditation cushions & chairs are provided. You are also welcome to bring your own meditation props should you prefer.
Bring your own lunch. Tea & coffee will be provided.

Retreats Dates for 2019 – “The Wisdom of Forgiveness”

The theme of the 2019 retreats with Meath is "The Wisdom of Forgiveness". To forgive is to see wisely. It recognises past sufferings, and understands how they came about.

This retreat day offers a short talk on the Zen way of sitting, with some input on the theme of "Forgiveness," and a few gentle exercises for release from past sufferings.
  • Sat, 21st Sep 2019

    9:30am to 3pm

    Theme : Forgiveness – The Healing Effects

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