Share your Thanks & Gratitude for our hub

Our Hub is permanently closing on Friday 18th December.

During times of change we are often reminded of the importance to remember what we are thankful and grateful for.

The following Thanks & Gratitude Board has been added for those who wish to participate in this process together.

You may like to post anything about our Hub, volunteers and community that you are thankful or grateful for.

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89 Comments on “Thanks & Gratitude”

  1. Thank you for being part of our Hub. It has been such a gift to share the past 4 years with all volunteers and attendees. Together we created something special which has been of benefit to many thousands who have attended our hub over this time. Although our physical space and presence will wind down from 18th December, it’s essence will continue to positively affect others for many years to come.

    I am personally grateful for every single person that has engaged in our hub and all that I have interacted with. I started our Hub with the intention to explore mindfulness meditation and received so much more than that. It has resulted in an accelerated learning and personal development that was possible as result of your combined support. And I know that I am not alone as many others have provided me with similar feedback over the past 4 years.

    I am hopeful that you will continue to grow what you have learnt through our Hub and continue to pay that forward to others that you connect with in your future life experiences.

    Thank you!

  2. I feel a sense of deep appreciation for the Hub, all the people who keep it so fresh and welcoming, those who provide our sessions and most of all the fantastically supportive community. I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together and thank Nick for creating such a fantastic place.
    Looking forward to catching up with everyone before we close.

    I am whole heartedly grateful for my involvement in the Hub. I am thankful for the opportunity to share with our community the wisdom, practices and techniques that others so generously shared with me. I have learnt so much from so many of the people who have passed through our Hub. My memories of our Hub will be cherished forever.

  3. Many thanks to Nick for creating MMH and the massive effort he has invested in selflessly serving our community for the past 4 years.

    For me, our hub started as a space to share practice and I am grateful for all that has evolved from that. Working together with Nick and Nigel to enhance your experience at our Hub has enabled me to express my creativity and foster the entrepreneurial spirit in a field that I simply love. Thank you!

    Seeing your faces and learning about how much MMH has benefited your lives is heartwarming and incredibly rewarding. Forever grateful for the little window of time that our Hub existed and wishing you every success in the next chapter of your Mindfulness Meditation journey.

    Much Love,

  4. Through hardship, grief, loss, a radical undoing, and much grace, some light and wisdom came into my life.

    The MMH allowed me to aim my voice at willing ears, allowed me to plumb the fullness of my own cup and allowed me the beautiful opportunity to pour some of that vitality, love and empowerment into the cups of the hundred or so people that came through my courses and workshops.

    Thanks to the hub, I’ve been able to improve my practice of serving, and help more people.

    The work has been humbling and life changing, and I know, based on some beautiful feedback that I have had the amazing pleasure of really helping people bring about profound transformations in their own lives.

    What an incredible privilege.

  5. What a wonderful experience it has been facilitating at the Hub and experiencing the gratitude expressed by the attendees for the truly special space and experience.
    I personally have met some very kind, open, honest and warm individuals and I urge you to continue your practice and share with others.
    A community is not in a room, it is universal and everywhere we go. Please remember that.
    I would like to express my deep gratitude to Nick and Nigel and all those who have helped create this special space. I am truly humbled by such kindness and compassion they show for others.
    As I always finish my classes, “Remember the 3 things to live a happier and more fulfilled and rewarding life. Meditate, exercise and be kind to yourself, family, friends, strangers, animals and the planet. Volunteer kindness every day and you will reap the rewards”.

  6. So grateful to be apart of this community where so much wealth of knowledge is shared through a variety of practises.
    I have been able to continue those practises at home. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this a wonderful experience, from the front and behind the scenes. The hub will be a place I will always remember with a smile. Thank you for creating this space to come for peace, relief, learning, humility, connection.

  7. Since first attending the Hub in April 2018, I have noticed the great effect that practice has had on my life over the bumpy road that is life since then and remain grateful to Nick and the community for introducing me to the world of mindfulness meditation and their unending support and assistance. I have seen the hub grow since then, notably with the move to West Leederville in September 2018 which enabled the Hub to spread its message to a wider community. Having been on the Welcomer desk with my partner Hayleigh for the last couple of years has allowed me to meet some great people and start some great friendships that will no doubt endure past the physical closure of the Hub. Sincere thanks go to the entire community (especially Nick!) who made the Hub what it is today and my best wishes for everyone’s future endeavours. No doubt one day we will meet again.

  8. It has been a real joy and pleasure to contribute to this lovely space at the Hub. Thank you Nic and team for the opportunity to meet new faces and join a group of Facilitators serving the community. Here I have experienced much kindness, consideration and enthusiasm for the different styles and wellbeing benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation. All the best. With gratitude, Jen

  9. I am full of gratitude for the experience the Hub has provided. I have been able to make a transition refreshing and developing the Pathlight meditation into a simple but multi-layered neutral form of Guided Meditation. It will of course develop further but this has been a great ‘kick off’ point.
    Covid provided another opportunity – streaming – ouch. The Hub went on line! Well it was a very steep learning curve – I even think I mastered the Hub tablet – well just, me being 100% Apple.
    I have made new friends, continued to record and provide the Guided Meditation sessions as “home” support. These will continue to be available as we move forward.
    To Nick a special thank you, and thank you to the directors Nigel and Sharol.
    Thank you to all whose support has made the Hub possible, especially the facilitators and the volunteers 🙂
    David P

  10. I attended the hub for a 4-week meditation course last year and it was a memorable experience that I cherish. Thank you so much for creating a space that has changed the lives of many and will always be carried within their/our hearts! Best luck and wishes moving forward.

  11. It comes as sad news to see this incredible place closing. I am very thankful for the contributions of all and the friends that I have met along the way.
    Impermanence reigns supreme, and so it should. I look forward to what comes next for everyone involved.

  12. I’m sorry to hear. Thank you to you and your team for everything you have done over the years. It has helped many immensely. You guys rock. Best wishes for the future.

  13. I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for making the Hub. I’ve had so many blissful, important, challenging and illuminating experiences with you all. Best wishes to you and your crew.

  14. Sincere thanks to Alain for the gift of his Transforming Emotions class and the changes it made in my life. Blessings to those who provided the space and best wishes to all.

  15. I’m sad to hear the hub and it’s beautiful volunteers won’t be continuing in the current form, I’m sure there will be wonderful new adventures ahead for you all though! Doing the four week course a few years back with Nick had such an impact back then and has continued to shape me and my life in positive ways. I now recommend mindfulness to just about everyone I can, so the gift goes on giving. Thank you Nick for your generosity and kindness in giving so much so freely over these years, I hope you have been blessed as you have blessed us. Love and best wishes, I will really miss the hub.

  16. Dear Nick and facilitators,

    I am so happy to have been part of your hub from when I first discovered you back at your previous location.. You and your wonderful team taught me all about meditation which was something I had never done before but something that is now a part of my daily life.

    I don’t think there will be another place filled with so much love and appreciation, you created a wonderful space that brought a lot of joy to so many people.

    Although you are closing, the teachings I learnt I will carry forward throughout my life.

    P.S I haven’t been for a while because I was busy having a baby but I can honestly say through learning mediation and breathing via your wonderful hub I was able to practise that during my pregnancy and delivery and this helped me immensely. A massive thank you Nick to and your wonderful team for creating this beautiful space. It will be missed.

  17. I live in Melbourne and was in Perth for work when I came across the Hub. The few sessions I attended were indeed very valuable as I was going through some kind of a transformation myself.

    Hearing that the hub is closing does sadden me as others like me who are in lurch might not be afforded this beautiful opportunity. However, you did beautiful articulate the perennial truth about nothing being permanent.

    I wish you and the team well and hope the seeds scattered by your hub will germinate and start their own journey in due course.

    God Bless

  18. Though I participated in the Hub’s meditation offerings only a few times before the Covid-19 took over our physical lives, I fully appreciated the help it gave to me at a difficult time of my life. Thank you.

  19. Thank you for your lovely message regarding the closure of the hub, it’s very sad to hear however I completely understand your decision and know it must have been a very difficult one to come to. I truly believe one door closes and another opens 🙂

    It was an absolute pleasure to be apart of the hub during my short time as a volunteer and I always looked forward my meditation sessions and teachings. It’s a very special and tranquil place to come and just BE, so thank you for all that you did to make it such a welcoming and safe environment.

    I will be sure to enjoy visiting right up to the closing date and wish you all the very best in your new journey ahead.

  20. I am sincerely grateful for the balance and mindfulness that you helped me bring into my life.

    This closure is not the happiest new i’d like to read, however, it is part of the journey and I do wish for all of you the best in the futureand within the expansion of your love and light.

  21. I am thankful to the hub for its energy, opportunities to experiment, meditate, learn, grow, co-create, friendships, warmth and place of refuge in the world. Thank you Nick, Nigel and countless others. 🙏✨🌻

  22. Dear MMH team. Allthough I was saddened by the news of your closure. I found myself being filled with joy to know that I was able to be a part of the hub and what it provides to the broader community. To a man who (14 months ago) knew nothing about Meditation and Mindfulness, you have given me a fresh set of eyes on how to see myself, the world around me, and how to tackle life’s challenges. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and commend you for what you do and give to all of us who come to your sessions. To see how people (I don’t know) can give so much to someone like me for so little in return, makes me know that there are some beautiful people in this world. All good things come to an end (as they say), but thanks to you, my meditation and mindfulness practice will continue. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou


  23. I am very grateful for all the work that you have voluntarily and selflessly given to the running of the Hub.

    I can hope that we meet again on our path, but if not, then I wish you happiness and peace for the future.

  24. That’s sad to hear the Hub is closing down. To Nigel and the facilitators, thank you for providing such a peaceful and welcoming space. I’m truly grateful that the Hub was established. It was also a blessing that there were so many classes on offer with opportunities to join a drop-in class – my schedule didn’t allow me to attend too often, but it was reassuring to know you were there.

  25. Nigel’s Meditation sessions helped me get out of the most difficult times of my life. Without going in for those sessions, I can’t imagine seeing myself where I am right now. Truly thankful to You, the Hub and Nigel for giving us the opportunity to join a few sessions and that life-changing realization that comes out of those sessions.

    It will be sad to see the hub closed, but feel free to keep us informed of new projects of Mindfulness and if we could be of any help. Thank you so much Nick for your initiative and continuous support for the Hub, as I said you probably are not aware of what life-changing impact in our life you have provided through this Hub.

  26. Blessings Nic you have done a wonderful job in bringing people together
    Much love

  27. Thank you for your wonderful work Nick. It would not have been an easy decision, however your commitment over the journey to bring people to mindfulness is simply amazing, well done. Best of luck going forward.

  28. “All things must pass”. I loved visiting the Hub and I feel enormous gratitude to those who set it up and those who ran the sessions — for their work, their inspiration and their commitment to building a better world which, in the end, I think, is what meditation is all about. .

  29. The Mindfulness Hub has been such a wonderful resource for me as both a participant and facilitator of sound meditation. The energy has always been so welcoming, authentic and nourishing.
    Thank you so much Nick for this amazing space and experience. I’d also like to thank Ash who helped me out so much and made all my time there so smooth !

  30. A big big thank you to Nick and all of the support staff and teachers at the Hub. It was a brilliant concept, ahead of its time. I’ve no doubt it’s helped many many people in a variety of ways. It certainly has for me. Wishing you much love and joy in all future aspirations.

  31. Thank you for your programs and community based actions, I wish you well.

  32. Thanks Nick, to your great heart contribution and sharing of those many years you put in.
    The decision must not have been easy. But like most of us once made it feels sooooo much better.

  33. I am truly sorry the Hub is closing, very sad.

    However I must thank you for all your hard work and (no doubt) financial commitment.

    My life is certainly improved from my time with the Hub and I truly and genuinely thank you

  34. Thanks for the opportunity to do an online mindfulness course with Nigel during COVID restrictions it was really valuable 💖

  35. It seems fitting that I received the email today, on the 11th of the 11th, that the hub is closing. Today is the second anniversary of my friend Máire’s passing; she introduced me to the hub when it was based in Nedlands. Máire was an amazingly strong Irish lady, a spiritual warrior of sorts, with a wisdom that sometimes seemed other-worldly! Attending the hub was particularly crucial to her in the months leading up to her passing. It’s strange that following her death, I couldn’t face going to the hub without her and only returned for a yoga class just last week! So while I am sad to hear the news, I accept the impermanence of it all and wish you all well in your future endeavours. I feel like I’m not just saying thank you from me, but on Máire’s behalf today. Nick and Meath, she spoke very fondly of you both in particular back then. I know she’d want you both to know that you made a difference to her soul experience at a time when she really needed it. In her native tongue, “Go raibh míle maith agaibh.” ☘️Warm regards, Elaine B

  36. The connections I have made at the hub, I will cherish in my heart. I am grateful for the opportunity and experience to guide others in meditation and share in life experiences. I am grateful to the people whose faces I see every Saturday morning. Bless.

  37. Thank you to everyone who made the Hub what it is!
    Deep gratitude to nick for his inspiration in founding this amazing space and community. So many people have benefitted!
    I’m privileged to have been able to volunteer as a welcomer for the last couple of years; to do something of service towards something I feel so strongly about, to have the opportunity to meet, practice & converse with so many interesting people.
    Thanks to all who have contributed to the space and sessions offered. Thank you in particular to Nigel, Sharol, David, David P & Sarah whom I’ve practiced with most. Too much to say here. I hope to speak to you before doors close.
    There are courses I didn’t get to do and sessions I didn’t try. However, I hope I may be able to follow the currents that flow forward from this closure with new friends and new opportunities to support mindfulness in the community

  38. Thank you for your guidance, terribly sad we will be losing the hub.

  39. So sorry the to hear the Hub is closing. I send my thanks and gratitude to Alain, who helped me on my path of emotional self discovery. It was a valuable course and delivered beautifully by Alain, in a relaxed and thought provoking way. Thank you! kind regards Deanne. x

  40. I have participated in several excellent Mindful Meditation courses run by Nigel and Nick. Going to online presentations really helped during the Covid lockdown. The centre is a lovely peaceful place. Thank you to all who helped run it.

  41. It’s a shame to know the meditation hub is closing , however, I wish to thank all the people involved especially the founder Nick , it has been a great concept. I have immensely enjoyed my time at the hub and have learnt so much about myself. I have learnt how to meditate and how to calm my mind. I am eternally grateful for all the positivity and kindness offered.

  42. Huge thank to you, Nick, and to everyone else who made The Hub what it is. I am eternally grateful and wish you all the best.

  43. Hi Nick , I started my journey into meditation 3 years ago at the Meditation Hub with you as a facilitator. It was the perfect environment for a hesitant newbie like me – kind and totally non-judgemental . For that , I am eternally grateful. I have been practising since, though not as regularly as I would like to, at facilities closer to home but I am sad to hear that the Hub is closing. Thank you Nick and the Meditation Hub and best wishes to all involved .
    With much gratitude,

  44. So sorry to hear that the Hub is closing. I attended a meditation course with Nigel and found it very useful. Thanks so much to all the volunteers who made it possible. It was a fabulous community resource.

  45. I’m very sad you hear The Hub will be closing but I fully understand and accept the change.

    Please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for offering and running such a wonderful place.

    If you have the time, please read, below, about the brief yet life changing experience you gave me.

    I first visited The Hub, West Leederville in January this year.
    I was sent a link via Perth Meetup, and, it could not have come at a more profound time in my life. Without any doubt my experience at The Hub saved me. Absolutely no exaggeration. In December 2019 I had experienced one of the most horrific times in my life, but, with all the guidance, compassion, wisdom, expertise, love and thoughtfulness, commitment and kindness from all of the amazing people and mentors I had the fortune to meet, I started to recover. I most definitely would not be the person I am today without the wonderful and valuable resource you offered to me.

    I reflect now I’m writing this and realise how far I’ve come since January. I’m working again, in a great job, disability and aged care, I’m happy and I may have acquired some knowledge, confidence and, dare I say, wisdom.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you but please be assured if you ever needed anything in the future, I will be there.

    I wish you all the luck in the universe to facilitate you on your journey.

  46. I’m so grateful to Nick for creating and running the Hub with such care and efficiency. Thank you to all volunteers who have contributed to make the Hub an amazing place offering such a great variety of activities from meditation, mental development to yoga and more.

    For the past four years the Hub gave me the opportunity to develop and present the Transforming Emotions and Practical dhamma courses as well as running a dhamma Study Group. With these three activities I met so many interesting and committed people willing to progress on their path to freedom from suffering.

    Yes, It was a bit of a shock to receive the news of the closure but I quickly accepted it knowing that everything is impermanent.

    Meanwhile I’m planning to continue with the two courses and the dhamma group in a venue near where I live in Shenton Park.

    Wishing to all who have been involved withe Hub in the past four years to continue their journey, their effort and achieve the joy, peace and equanimity of awakening.

  47. Our Hub has been a huge part of my week over the last 2 years. I was saddened to hear news that our precious Hub will permanently close its doors.
    I will so miss going to and being part of the community at our Hub.
    I am very grateful to Nick and his team for giving me the opportunity to experience and to have faith that as a group we can all work together to make a positive change for the common good.
    Good luck and best wishes Nick and to everyone to the next chapter on your on your path towards samadhi.
    Thank you 🙏

  48. Sorry to hear that. I’ve only been once (with intention to do some classes, which never happened unfortunately) and loved the space.

  49. The planet and society are poised at a subtle but monumental crossroad of a kind. There has never been a more profound time for change and transformation. The vision for a sharing economy based on love and compassion for all is what keeps me hoping that social ventures like MMH find another iteration, in another form, in another life-supporting project.

    I’ve only ever used the services of the Hub once but found it inspiring that it was volunteer-run and so generously affordable for many.

    As a fellow changemaker seeking to make a difference, may there be other deep and meaningful collaborative opportunities to come together to change ourselves and the world.

  50. Am very sorry to hear that the Hub will be closing as it is a wonderful place but as you say it does not run on its own, it takes a lot of hours and energy to maintain such a wonderful space.

    Thank you very much for being here in Nedlands at a time when I needed so much. I have moved on now and back to achieving nearly all that I need to every day and happy with my energies now.

    I wish you all the best for your future and further goals.

  51. The Hub was a really important part of my life while I lived in Perth, and has remained that way with the online classes this year. The online sessions helped get me through Melbourne’s two lockdowns, and through some of the hardest periods of my life. I really appreciate all of the hours, days, weeks and months of volunteer work you’ve put in to make it all happen.

  52. I’m very grateful for meeting Nick and his amazing energy. Thanks for creating this wonderful hub. Thanks also to all the volunteers and their dedicated commitment to giving.

  53. I am very grateful for stumbling across the Mindfulness and Meditation Hub at the beginning of my journey into meditation and mindfulness. I attended various sessions over that last two years and learnt a lot from my time spent at the hub. I am very grateful for that and for all the volunteer hours that were put into the running of the hub. Many thanks for your amazing work!

  54. Dear Nick and all the facilitators at the Hub
    Although change is a constant part of life, in this case it brings with it a certain sadness. I haven’t managed to get to sessions as often as I would like but when I did go it was an amazing, calming and peaceful experience. Thank you to you Nick for starting the Hub and for all who contributed in making it an oasis of peace.
    With love and gratitude

  55. Hi All, most disappointed to hear about the Hubs closure. I wanted to thank all of the volunteers who kept the place running and many thanks to all of the facilitators there that I have come across during my time with the Hub. Although I did not visit the Hub itself much due to a bad knee and climbing those stairs was just a painful experience for me so I opted for the online Zoom sessions which I personally thought were just great for me and now I hope to find other online Zoom sessions I can do now, so if you know of any, this would be appreciated. When I first started with the Hub it was not long after my Wife’s passing after marriage of 37 years so I was going thru some real dreadful times and it was the Hubs Guided Meditation Sessions that got me thru this time period in my life and now I continue with meditation for my own well being and health now and wish to continue. Thank you all once again and hope tp catch up with you soon. Take care.

  56. Very sad to hear of the hub’s closure but so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend classes and have the experience of meditating with others in a group. It really was a sanctuary in this mad world of rushing and productivity. Thank you to all of you who made it possible.

  57. I am saddened to hear that such a fantastic centre is closing. Thank you for all the time, efforts and love you had put into running the Hub. I wish you the best in your future endeavours.

  58. I feel very grateful for the time I’ve spent at the Hub. The community created by Nick, the facilitators, volunteers and the people that attend the courses and classes really is something special. It has made a big difference in my life and I’m guessing the lives of many others too. I’ve learnt so much and met many people that have inspired me and helped me see the world in a new light. Nick, Sharol, Nigel, Sophie, Alain, David T and Sarah and everyone that has played a part in the running of the Hub – thank you for your time, kindness, warmth, experience and wisdom. I will always be grateful.

  59. What a wonder these last years have been! So many terrific friends have come into my life at the Zen Meditation group; friendships have been formed that will last. Kindness, respect, gratitude, encouragement, understanding, and empathy, and much more, have helped build us into a community. I thank Brendan my colleague, and all in our group for their support and encouragement. I’m especially mindful of Nick who created this unique space, and I wish him well as he steps forth into the future. Our Zen group will continue in the Library at Mount Claremont in mid January, and perhaps another convenient place too; we hope to grow together and welcome more friends to join us. Peace and Love and Joy to all!

  60. Thank you so much for the love and guidance I received from the Hub. I found my way to classes when life was a bit heavy, and the warmth and welcome that was given to me helped lighten the load. I learned skills that guide me every day. I will always be so grateful. Best wishes to all the beautiful teachers and volunteers. Thank you all so much. xx

  61. Sad to see it close..
    I have met some beautiful people and found it a peaceful and nourishing place to be.
    Big thank you to all facilitators especially Helen Appleyard.
    God Bless to all.

  62. Will miss the hub! Even though I only attended a few sessions, movies and one course, it was a rare and wonderful place of serenity, acceptance and warmth in our increasingly unsettled world. Thank you to Nick and all the volunteers for your gifts – peace and blessings.

  63. Really sorry to see the Hub go, but all things are impermanent. It’s been a fabulous experience to work in the Hub in a variety of roles over two years and also to be taught by a few facilitators. It was amazing to see and contribute to the place transforming from a one-room office in Nedlands to arguably the best meditation centre in WA in West Leederville. The experience has seen a lot of people gravitate together, learn and share together, and, finally, all go in their own directions, taking what they have learned from the Hub experience into other places and spaces. My thanks to everyone who has shared the journey and my best wishes to you all.

  64. I have attended the four weeks meditation course with Nick. And I have been practising since then. It was a such a wonderful introduction to mindfulness and Nick was a great teacher. I have been touched by his calm, non judgemental, sincere and devoted approach. Sorry to hear that hub is closing. Thank you very much for this invaluable knowledge you have given me.

  65. My time at the hub has been very short only a few months but it already feels like home. I want to encourage everyone to not let the bright light of these incredible teachings dim…keep practising and stay curious about the world. Thank you to all the beautiful students ❤❤❤

  66. I cannot thank all of you enough who have given so generously and graciously.
    I’ve had the pleasure to meet you, Nick and I will forever be grateful for how you’ve made something like this a possibility for the last few years.
    I’m also blessed to have met Alain (you’ve single handedly helped me realize that there’s more emotions than just happy, sad and angry!), Nigel (you’ve changed my view on meditation forever!) and Rocco (You’ve given me new perspective in life!)….
    I hope that I will get to cross paths with all of you again!

  67. I am so very sorry to receive this news. What a terrible shame as you have offered such wonderful classes.
    Whatever you do I wish you happiness 🙏🏼😊

  68. Thank you for your email letting me know the closure of Mindfulness Meditation Hub.
    It is sad to hear the Hub is closing, but at the same time I think it’s fantastic you have created the wonderful place for the people to gather and learn for quite a long time.
    Thank you also for letting me join the Hub as a volunteer. I have enjoyed it as a part of the team.
    Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours.

  69. Thank you everyone who has made the Hub such a special place – the welcomers, the attendees and all those people behind the scenes. I have been so blessed to have met such a warm and welcoming group of friends and you have all given and shared so much. I have loved our meditation classes and all the chats over tea. I wanted to say a special thanks to Nick, Sharol and Nigel for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to guide the regular Tuesday and Thursday night sessions. I am currently exploring options in the North Perth – Leederville area to continue the sessions so we may keep our beautiful Kalyana Mitta – circle of friends together. I will let everyone know as soon as I have somewhere lined up. Big metta to you all and for those in my classes let’s continue to ‘go deep’.

  70. Deep gratitude for the opportunity of being a part of something wonderful.

  71. Thank you Nick, for all that you have given. I joined you in 2016 and since then meditation has become a large and important part of my life. I also introduced my husband to your hub and thanks to your guidance he practices meditation daily. You will never be forgotten by us and I am truly grateful that you crossed my life path. Wishing you all the very best.

  72. I’m so grateful for the Hub and this beautiful space.! The community it has given me and the space to teach yoga to others, is something that means more to me than I can express in words. Thank you for allowing me as a yoga teacher to grow and to be able to share what I truly love with others 🙂

  73. thank you to all the volunteers & associates that have operated the hub, given of their free time, teachings & extended their friendship to myself & other attendees
    many thanks & kind wishes take care, craig,
    the hub will be sorely missed

  74. Thank you for your tireless and selfless work, an oasis of peace in a world of doom.

  75. The mindfulness hub has been a refuge for me when I visited Perth from Melbourne, and this last year as I have moved back to Perth. My sincere thanks to Nick, the volunteers and participants.

  76. Thank you Nick and other volunteer facilitators. I started with Nick’s 4 week meditation course some years back and that led me to take different path in my life. I particularly appreciated the online sessions during Covid-19 when the time was very difficult. Your email, “… nothing in life is permanent, our perspectives and circumstance evolve, change and emerge over time”, was a good reminder and made me easy to accept the closure. I will continue with what I learned at the Hub and share. Thanks again.

  77. I moved to West Leederville a year ago and at the time was struggling with lots of change in my life. The hub has provided me with a haven from the turmoil and I am deeply grateful for that. The guided meditation sessions run by both Davids have been insightful and calming and the one day retreat with the Meath was profound. I will miss my hub visits and hope to see you all again in some shape or form. Thank you.

  78. Thank you, Nick, for giving me the opportunity to be part of the MMH community. I am so grateful to you to help me spread the benefit of heartfulness meditation to many people. Sad to be away from the hub. I wish the very best of luck to the people behind the running of the center.

  79. Being a West Leedervile resident, I was so pleased when the Meditation hub first opened and now so sad the hub has come to closing. I would like to thank all facilitators for being so welcoming and so supportive. It was wonderful to be able to join like minded people in a group such as those at the meditation hub. Thank you to Nick for your generosity of spirit to create this hub in the first place. best wished to all for the future.

  80. Sorry to hear that this amazing hub is closing. I only attended one of your sessions, and I believe it has effected me in a positive way during my darkest times. So thank you for that. Things happen for a reason, and this hub might meant to be just that, touching people lives. I am sure you guys are moving on to do greater things, so all the best to you all, hope you find the other reasons. =)

  81. Thank you to the many wonderful instructors who have run classes and retreats throughout the years. I have attended sporadically but have always felt welcome and like I am doing a good thing for myself when I walk out feeling calmer, more peaceful and more in tune with real me.
    Your time is very very much appreciated and I wish you all well in your future ventures.

  82. I wanted to express deep gratitude to Nick, Nigel and all the team at the Hub.
    You’ve created space that has been a gift to the community and I especially appreciate that you were able to provide online classes during lockdown when mental wellbeing was needed most.
    Wishing everyone wonderful endeavours ahead and hope to stay connected.

  83. I first attended Hub in Nedlands and thank Nic for his lovely smile, calm and giving nature. I wish Nic and everyone who gave of themselves and their special skills and knowledge all the very best for the future.

  84. I feel very privileged to be have been part of the mindfulness meditation hub. This piece of tranquility has been a rock of inspiration and kindness since I returned to Perth in 2019. It has allowed me to meet so many wonderful kind hearted people and also share this with others. It is has been a place of nurturing for the mind and spirit and it has touched so many peoples lives. I am sure the inspiration and ripples the hub has created will live on 🙂

    Eckhart Tolle had described the idea of a new Earth and the importance of moving towards the idea of a society based upon kindness, trust, generosity and inner peace as a way forward, I can honestly say the mindfulness meditation hub has literally embodied the idea of “a new earth”. With much love and gratitude to the kindness of Nick and all the lovely people involved, you will always share a special place in my heart 🙂

  85. Dear Nick, Nigel and the other teachers,
    Thank you so much for offering such a wide range of inspiring courses! We’re very sorry you’re closing. We did a 4-week course with Nick, and a shorter one with Nigel, and another with a lady teacher (Bernadette?) We try to incorporate the lessons of mindfulness into our daily activities. We love practicing mindfulness of the senses when sitting somewhere tranquil, and feel a great sense of calm, lightness and gratitude!! Thank you for showing us this wonderful way to appreciate being part of this truly amazing and beautiful planet!
    I hope we can do further courses in the future.
    With great appreciation and sincere thanks,
    Kathy Smith and Ken Ackerman

  86. I will really miss coming to the hub.. my safe space.
    Meditation has assisted me with trauma, personal growth and finding peace and happiness within.
    I thank all the great guiders, particularly Nick, Nigel, Tia and Sandra. I found your sessions very calming and helpful so thank you.
    I won’t ever forget about my meditation journey that began at the hub in 2016.
    I wish you all the best and hopefully meditate with you soon in the future.

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